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Elbow Deep in Viognier

Small businesses always present owners with unique challenges, and a small winery is certainly no exception to that rule. All that fancy equipment that you see at the larger wineries is not always an option for a smaller place. You start out with the items that are essential to operate, and then year after year you add on as you are [...]

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What Makes a Good Social Media Campaign for a Winery?

There have been a couple of things that got me started asking this question on my Facebook page the other day – "What kind of content do you most like to see on social media from wineries? What makes a good Facebook page from a winery?" There are lots of examples of both good and bad uses of social media [...]

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Cap*Rock Winery Auction Live Blog

  Who knows what has gone on behind closed doors over the last week. It has been one week since the news became official of the Gruet withdrawal from the Cap*Rock sale. Today at 2:30 pm the results of the closed bid auction will be presented to Judge Robert Jones, and we should know who the new owner of the [...]

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Pursuing the Dream – I Start My Wine Career Search

My wife and I have been bandying about the idea of moving for some time now. As her family has gone through a diaspora over the last couple of years that has greatly increased the distance required to visit anyone on her side of the tree, we have started thinking about moving closer to some of her family. With her [...]

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Hire Me

Are you looking for a passionate wine lover with marketing and social media skills to join your organization? If so, look no further. I have spent my entire career in sales and marketing, and have extensive experience with marketing and brand building online. I have worked in several capacities on social media campaigns, both with assisting clients with development of [...]

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A Vineyard You Can Walk In – Interview with Kaz from Kaz Winery

  Most of you already know by now that I'm a huge fan of Natural Wine. I love the expressiveness of a wine that has been allowed to be itself, rather than pounded and manipulated into submission by chemicals and additives. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with several great proponents of a more minimal intervention [...]

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Not All That Sparkles is Gold: A Disappointing Twist to the Gruet Story

  The title of this post is taken from a comment that my friend Luke left me on Facebook yesterday in reference to the Gruet/Cap*Rock debacle. The comment does a good job of giving voice to the disappointment that many are feeling with the outcome of the Gruet purchase of the Lubbock winery. In conversations with Texas wine lovers over [...]

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Taste Texas Featuring Mandola Estate Winery is Today!

That's right, today is the big day. If you live somewhere that has distribution of Mandola wines (see list here), it's not too late to grab any Mandola Estate Winery wines and join in on the fun! Participating in Taste Texas is easy, all you have to do is – Tell your friends about Taste Texas on Twitter and Facebook. [...]

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Texas Wineries

My humble attempt at cataloging all of the wineries in my home state of Texas.  If you know of any Texas wineries that I have missed, or see any edits or deletions that need to be made, please email me at  If you work for one of these wineries and would like any specific information displayed about your winery, [...]

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