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June 24th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s been a good week. I had a great experience hanging out with some new friends that we had just met over a few bottles of wine. Sharing some vino with friends always reminds me why I love wine, and it also always puts me in the mood for… They folks at the Wine Bloggers Conference didn’t give the guy [...]

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July 9 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Times is good for funny wine blog posts this week. If you follow a lot of the wine bloggers that I do, you have doubtless been kept in stitches following their RSS feeds. There were simply too many great posts this week to narrow the list down to a single one, so here are a few of my [...]

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Breaking News – Wine Bloggers Win Powerball Lottery

Note – This is a fictional story. This is a story of what might have been. Please don't ask any of the bloggers in this story for money; we are as poor as we've ever been. [Transcript from today's 9 Action News report] [Cut to Vin Winehowser] "Hello. This is a 9 Action Wine News special report with Vin Winehowser. [...]

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The Main Event – Living Large in Walla Walla

My trip to Walla Walla for the Wine Bloggers' Conference was not my first rodeo in W2. Last October was actually the beginning of my love affair with this city. We were visiting my father-in-law in Kennewick, and decided to take an afternoon to make the short drive to the little wine heaven in the Southeastern portion of Washington state. [...]

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July 2 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly – #WBC10 Edition

The Good Every once in a great while a post so epic, so innovative, so damn funny that it just can’t be ignored comes along. Earlier this week, such an event took place. I have long been lamenting the lack of truly quality satire in wine blogging. I mean, sure there are those who take a stab at it, but [...]

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1WineDude, a Nectar Drinker, and a Vinotologist Drive to Spokane…

I had been wanting to catch up with Joe Roberts all weekend at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and it just never really happened. We were all so busy, and on top of all the mayhem, Joe was busy dealing with some sadness on the homefront, as his dog passed away while he was out of town. As a dog owner, [...]

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What I Learned at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference

I've never been one to resist peer pressure. I say when the times get tough, do what everyone else is doing. So, in that spirit, here is my "what I learned" post from #wbc10. Please forgive me if I talk a lot about bloggers in this post, but improving my craft as a blogger was really the purpose of the [...]

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Yet Another Semi-Live Blog from #WBC10

Yesterday was a packed day, filled with a ton of activity, lots of wine tasting (possibly too much), and an incredible amount of bonding with great new friends from around the country. Pretty early on in the day, I realized that I was going to be too busy having fun to spend much time blogging. Today I'm busy too, but [...]

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Walla Walla (Holla Holla) – The WBC10 Semi-Live Blog

Finally, the day has arrived. The morning started off with a search for breakfast, a quest that lead the group that I was with to a restaurant whose slowness of service nearly caused me to pass away from hunger. Josh Wade, Steve Paulo, and I met up with David Honig, Rick Bakas, Jeff Lefevre, and Sasha Kadey on the way [...]

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What Would You Do If I Sang Out of Tune?

As I have seen my trip out to the Pacific Northwest next week rapidly approaching, I have started to become somewhat overwhelmed with the preparation still underway, much like my friend Joe describes in his most recent Suburban Wino blog post. Granted, my anxiety is mostly due to the ridiculous procrastination regimen that I have put myself on in the [...]

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