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Wrapping Up Movember, With Mourvedre: 2008 Knight Hill Mourvedre

As most of you already know, I spent the month of November growing a mustache for the Movember fundraising effort. Since I write a blog about wine, and not facial hair, I decided that I would add a little twist to the effort and make it my goal to taste several Mourvedre based wines from Washington state during the month [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 8 – The Rattlesnake Hills

One of the things that I knew that I would need to get a handle on when I moved to Washington, was the layout of the various American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). This can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you might think, as the AVAs here have this tendency to overlap, or possibly to be contained within the boundaries [...]

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20something – Washington Sets Sights on Reaching Millennials

Last week I risked life and limb to make the drive across the Snoqualmie pass in the snow, although Mrs. Vinotology and I chickened out and took a longer route with less snow coming back, and thereby avoided the kind of mess that this video captures (courtesy of a tweet from my friend Claire McCool). Anyway, my trip was due [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 7 – AVA Wine Rooms

It isn't often that you get a truly unique experience at a retail wine establishment. Sure, there are lots of stores that I have their niches, but for the most part you always come away with an experience that you have had a thousand times before in other shops. Last week I visited AVA Wine Rooms, a local wine room [...]

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Robert Smasne, an Undersheriff, and a Wood Cock Walk Into Bin 20…

When you think of fine dining, where is the first place that you think of? A trendy downtown restaurant? Maybe even some obscure and off-the-beaten-path place that is cool enough to make people go search for it? What about a hotel? While the hotel used to be a destination for fine dining, that association has long since dissipated, but the [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 6 – Woodinville

One of the great things that I am finding about Washington is that there are so many different experiences within an easy driving distance. The East side of the state, where I am currently living, is all high desert. The desert has its own kind of beauty, with the rolling hills and rivers flowing in every direction, but drive a [...]

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October 29th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good The Good this week is the launch of a new blog focused on white wines from the Northwest. Ryan Reichert, one of the genuine nice guys and outstanding writers in the wine blogging scene, started this new project this week. The site looks great, and I love the highly focused nature of the site. I think there is [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 4 – Prosser

There are some names that are instantly recognizable to most people when it comes to wine regions, Bordeaux, Napa, and of course, Prosser. Okay, so maybe Prosser is not on the list of most recognizable wine locales, but for those who live in the Northwest, it should certainly be a name to become familiar with. The city of Prosser is [...]

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Washington State Syrah Tweetup in Prosser – Friday October 29th

With the help of some great friends, including Scott Abernathy (wino4ever on Twitter) and the good people at Mercer Estates Winery in Prosser, I have been working on organizing my first Washington State tweetup. Mercer Estates has graciously offered their tasting room in Prosser to host the event, and you are all welcome to come participate in a tasting of [...]

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October 22nd – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good There was a pleathora of great stuff this week, as always. One of the highlights of the week in my oppinion was the announcement of a new online wine sale opportunity brought to us by the geniuses at VinTank. The program is called Deals From the Vines, and is modeled somewhat after the flash sale sites, such as [...]

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