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Walla Walla (Holla Holla) – The WBC10 Semi-Live Blog

Finally, the day has arrived. The morning started off with a search for breakfast, a quest that lead the group that I was with to a restaurant whose slowness of service nearly caused me to pass away from hunger. Josh Wade, Steve Paulo, and I met up with David Honig, Rick Bakas, Jeff Lefevre, and Sasha Kadey on the way [...]

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Rockin’ the Casbah in Walla Walla

I woke up last week and came to the sudden realization that we are about two weeks away from my arrival in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington for the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference. This is the event that us wine bloggers wait for, with breathless anticipation, all year long. This is like Christmas for winos, a great opportunity to meet online [...]

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The Great Walla Walla Invasion of 2010

This summer the city of Walla Walla, Washington will be overrun by bloggers from around the country for the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference.  We will descend on the city like so many thirsty locusts.  Personally, I am in secret plans with my friend Sean Sullivan from Washington Wine Report to perform an armed annexation of the Walla Walla Valley portion [...]

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Review: Late for #CaliCabs, Early For #WAMerlot – 2005 Northstar Merlot

I just seem to be hitting all around these Twitter tasting events that have been going on.  A couple of weeks ago, I managed to miss the #CaliCabs tasting, and now I've gone and prematurely popped the cork (hmm, seems like an unfortunate choice of words, but I'll let it run anyway) on the perfect wine to use for the [...]

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What Will You Be Drinking for the Holidays?

I'm thinking about opening my bottle of 2005 Northstar Merlot from Walla Walla, WA.  I tasted this wine while I was up in Washington this summer, and loved it.  I picked up a bottle for a special occasion, and I think that Christmas would qualify as special. We will also be drinking some Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvee and eating some [...]

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