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A Vineyard You Can Walk In – Interview with Kaz from Kaz Winery

  Most of you already know by now that I'm a huge fan of Natural Wine. I love the expressiveness of a wine that has been allowed to be itself, rather than pounded and manipulated into submission by chemicals and additives. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with several great proponents of a more minimal intervention [...]

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More Breaking News – Official Word That Gruet is Backing Out of Cap*Rock Sale

Sorry to do a follow up post so soon, but we just received official word that Gruet has backed out on the Cap*Rock sale. VintageTexas posted the following details on his blog moments ago – I received a call from Max Tarbox, attorney for the CapRock Auction Sale early this afternoon indicating the he has received permission from the Bankruptcy [...]

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1WineDude, a Nectar Drinker, and a Vinotologist Drive to Spokane…

I had been wanting to catch up with Joe Roberts all weekend at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and it just never really happened. We were all so busy, and on top of all the mayhem, Joe was busy dealing with some sadness on the homefront, as his dog passed away while he was out of town. As a dog owner, [...]

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Bring Sadat X to WBC10!

Dude, how had I not thought of this earlier?  What would make the upcoming Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla better than having the one and only True Wine Connoisseur Sadat X in attendance?  Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite fame brings us this awesome video that will doubtless be starting a massive campaign to see that Mr. X makes it [...]

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Ein Klein Friday Musik: New York Dolls – Personality Crisis

Just thought I'd throw out a little music to get your weekend started to.  I give you, the New York Dolls -

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February 19 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good This was a good week for finding funny wine items around the web.  I was introduced or discovered a couple of items that actually made me laugh out loud. First, an item that Josh Wade, @nectarwine on Twitter, tweeted earlier this week.  Before you watch this video, I have to say that Vinotology always encourages responsible drinking, so [...]

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My First Video Blog: Visiting Pheasant Ridge Winery

I recently decided that I would like to start dabbling in some video segments for the blog.  I'm certainly not interested in trying to be Gary Vaynerchuck or anything, but I thought it would be fun to go out and talk with some people in the West Texas wine community.  This blog has really been an opportunity for me to [...]

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