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Friday Good the Bad and the Ugly – January 8

I have decided that I want to try out something new this week.  I want to have a new weekly feature for Fridays.  Every Friday I will try to find something from the previous week that was good, something that was bad, and something that was, well I’m sure you can figure it out.  So here we go – The [...]

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I Am Robert Parker

Those of you who are on Twitter might have seen that Robert Parker joined the ranks of the Twitterati as @RobertMParkerJr.  While looking at his profile I noticed something that freaked me out a bit.  Given all of the comments that were being tossed around, I was reluctant to share my observations and come across as taunting Mr. Parker, with [...]

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I Owe Dale Cruse an Apology

I came across a quote from Dale Cruse on Twitter (check out his Drinks Are On Me blog) – @dalecruse "Liking Malbec is akin to liking Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue.' It's predictable & they like it because they're 'supposed' to." I posted the following snarky comment on my Facebook page (fan me up) – Now I feel a little [...]

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The future of wine

Whew, glad to hear that Robert Parker thinks that there is a place for us bloggers in the coming wine world.   Leah McNally has a great post up on Palate Press about the Wine Future conference in Logroño, Spain.  I have read some accounts of some of the sessions at the conference, and even saw a video of one [...]

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