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My Vintage Spokane Preview at Masselow’s Restaurant

It will likely come as no surprise to anyone that I like to eat. Strike that. I LOVE to eat. Now I’m no food snob, (I’ve been known to eat at the local Chili’s, and to even leave happy with that decision) but I especially love to eat food that is prepared from quality ingredients, by someone who knows their [...]

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Portland, Here We Come!

Although my activity as a blogger has slowed to a trickle here on Vinotology, I still count myself as a part of the blogging community. I keep telling myself, and all of you, that I am going to start blogging regularly again. I suppose that I have, if you consider once or twice a month to be “regular”. Most social [...]

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Meet the Crusher
The Crusher

One of the developments in the wine world that I have found most interesting is social media tasting events. I have been involved in a number of these events, and they really have the potential to provide a great social tasting platform to groups of people spread out across the map. There are some different formats for these events that [...]

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Jumping Into the Business World

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that there have been some major changes in my world recently. Several months back I announced that I had decided to pursue my dream to move into the wine industry, which was followed by a job search trip out to California, and then eventually my wife and I [...]

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20something – Washington Sets Sights on Reaching Millennials

Last week I risked life and limb to make the drive across the Snoqualmie pass in the snow, although Mrs. Vinotology and I chickened out and took a longer route with less snow coming back, and thereby avoided the kind of mess that this video captures (courtesy of a tweet from my friend Claire McCool). Anyway, my trip was due [...]

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The Wine Bottle is a Reliquary – Guest Post by Sam Klingberg

You're rolling your eyes, but I'm serious.   Judging from people's reactions to innovative wine packaging designs and marketing techniques, you could only assume that wine is a sacred object. I find that even in my young, totally bad ass perception of life, I prejudge wine based on my moderately secret desire to be a serious wine connoisseur. For instance, [...]

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Eleven Reasons to Participate in #Cabernet Day

The Twitter machine has been all abuzz recently with talk about the upcoming #Cabernet Twitter Social Media event that is being organized by Rick Bakas. There have been a number of this type of event taking place over the last few months, and this one has the potential to break all of the standing wine social media records. All you [...]

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What Makes a Good Social Media Campaign for a Winery?

There have been a couple of things that got me started asking this question on my Facebook page the other day – "What kind of content do you most like to see on social media from wineries? What makes a good Facebook page from a winery?" There are lots of examples of both good and bad uses of social media [...]

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What Does Your Twitter Resume Say?

A while back I saw a tweet from my friend Chris Oggenfuss (@vintuba) that asked this question – @vintuba: Are wineries that use ghost writers for their facebook pages and twitter posts less authentic As a person who just recently started the process of looking for a marketing/social media job in the wine business (feel free to let me know [...]

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Flight of the Conchords Aren’t New Zealand’s Only Great Export

  Image taken from Thursday is a big day in the Twitterverse, as wine lovers all over the world will be participating in the #Pinotnoir Twitter tasting event. There are corresponding real world events being held in locations around the US, from Atlanta, to Boston, to Lubbock…, that's in Texas, for those not in the know. Lubbock is also [...]

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