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Texas Wineries

My humble attempt at cataloging all of the wineries in my home state of Texas.  If you know of any Texas wineries that I have missed, or see any edits or deletions that need to be made, please email me at  If you work for one of these wineries and would like any specific information displayed about your winery, [...]

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Review: A Texas Vermentino

I'm spending Christmas with my wife's family in Arizona this year and I don't have too much time to post, but I did want to post a quick review of this 2008 Mandola Vermantino from Mandola Estate Winery.  Mandola is located Southwest of Austin and specializes in Italian variety wines. This wine had a really nice crisp acidic flavor.  It [...]

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Review: The Wild One

Texas has always been associated with the Wild West, cowboys, and fine wine.  Well, at least those first two things are true, and I think that Texas wineries are making some progress on the third.  This last weekend I uncorked one of my favorite Texas wines, the 2007 Becker Claret.  I have had this wine a couple of times before, [...]

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Glimpse at the Future of Texas Wine?

Great post on the Vintage Texas blog comparing Argentina and Texas in regards to wine production.  Argentina has certainly produced some really enjoyable wines in recent years, so thinking about the possibility of a mature Texas wine region in these terms is pretty exciting.

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West Texas Looking For Terrior

If you were to drive through West Texas, the last thing that you would expect to find would be vineyards.  The whole area is one big dust bowl, brown and vacant.  The only interruption to the staked plains is the occasional field of cotton.  That is slowly changing. I have several friends who have farmed in this area for a [...]

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