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Review: What’s More Rare Than A Texas Pinot Noir?

The answer is, not a whole hell of a lot.  I found one though.  Turns out that they are actually growing Pinot Noir right here in my own back yard.  I talked about this with the guys at Pheasant Ridge winery in my video interview the other day.  The winery provided me with samples of their Pinot Noir and of [...]

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Sharing Some Love For Bloggers From The Other 46

Saw a tweet from @TheOther46 (Brian Kirby in the real world) today that said, I'm growing increasingly tired of the Wine Spectator skipping over the other 46 states. Thinking of canceling my subscription. I totally agree with Brian on this.  I understand that California, Washington, Oregon, and New York are the main wine producing states in the country, but there [...]

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Review: An Intriguing Red Blend – 2003 Pheasant Ridge Proprietor’s Reserve

One of the wines that I tasted on my recent trip out to Pheasant Ridge Winery, was the 2003 Proprietor's Reserve, a Bordeaux style blend that is their signature wine.  The winery provided me with a sample bottle to do a more thorough review of the wine than I was able to do while I was there in the tasting [...]

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The 2010 Texas / Virginia Wine Summit

Ok, so that sounds far too official for what it really is, but that's just how I like to roll.  Everything is bigger in Texas (obligatory double entendre goes here), but are generally not as big as Texans would have you believe.  Still, this is pretty much huge. One of my new favorite people on Twitter is @wineaccguy, who is [...]

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My First Video Blog: Visiting Pheasant Ridge Winery

I recently decided that I would like to start dabbling in some video segments for the blog.  I'm certainly not interested in trying to be Gary Vaynerchuck or anything, but I thought it would be fun to go out and talk with some people in the West Texas wine community.  This blog has really been an opportunity for me to [...]

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What It’s Like to Be a Wino in Texas

My friends over at Pheasant Ridge Winery shared this hilarious poster with me while I was out at the winery on Friday.  This is a pretty good indication of the level of sophistication shown by many Texas wine drinkers.  Remember, it's said "pea no – now har".

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What Does it Matter? – Organic Wines and Organic Grapes

As a follow up to my post on the 2008 Cap-Rock Viognier that was produced from 100% Organic grapes, my fellow blogger @StevePaulo made a really good point on Twitter.  His comment was – "Does it matter? 'Made from Organic Grapes' means the rest of the process isn't organic. What's the advantage, in general?" I think that is does matter, [...]

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Review: Grown Organically in Texas – 2008 Cap-Rock Viognier

I've been working on a couple of big projects on the website, so things have been posting a little slower than normal.  I decided that I should take a break from some of my more ambitious endeavors to get out a review of the 2008 Cap-Rock Viognier that I drank this week. There is a lot of fun stuff to [...]

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Review: To Be Perfectly Franc – 2008 Becker Vineyards Cabernet Franc

I love drinking wine that was grown and/or produced locally, so I have been really excited to try out the 2008 Becker Vineyards Cabernet Franc that is made entirely from grapes grown here in the High Plains of Texas.  These grapes were practically grown in my backyard, and some of them were grown by my good friends at the Bingham [...]

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The Wine that Changed My Life

When I originally read about this contest from The Wine Whore, I wasn't really planning on entering.  There wasn't really an earth shattering even attached to my wine history, and I don't really have any terribly interesting stories associated with wine.  Here in the final couple of days leading up to the deadline, I have decided that the whole point [...]

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