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The Top Ten Things I Learned During Taste Texas

The Taste Texas event last week was not only a lot of fun, but it was also informative. There were several lessons that I learned during the tasting, and a few things that I was reminded of. Here are ten observations: 1. Different folks, different strokes – This was really an old lesson that was reinforced during the tasting. There [...]

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Taste Texas Featuring Mandola Estate Winery is Today!

That's right, today is the big day. If you live somewhere that has distribution of Mandola wines (see list here), it's not too late to grab any Mandola Estate Winery wines and join in on the fun! Participating in Taste Texas is easy, all you have to do is – Tell your friends about Taste Texas on Twitter and Facebook. [...]

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Taste Texas Guest Blogger Profile: Joe Power & Amy Corron Power of Another Wine Blog

One of the great things about working on organizing the Taste Texas Twitter tasting has been getting to know some of my fellow bloggers a little better. One of the blogger tandems that I was really looking forward to getting to know a little better are the power-couple behind Another Wine Blog, Joe Power and Amy Corron Power. Joe and [...]

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Hip Hop, Wine, and the Wild Wild West

I've mentioned before, and it comes as no surprise to anyone, that the Texas wine biz is just a little bit different from what you would see in a lot of other places. Last night I got another taste of one of those differences.     La Diosa Wine Cellars is the local haunt for winos here in my hometown [...]

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Hitting the Texas Wine Trail

The Texas Department of Agriculture has recently announced a series of videos featuring eight different wine trails around the state of Texas. The first video was released last week, with a new video debuting every Tuesday.  The first trail to be featured is the Bluebonnet Wine Trail, which is in South-East Texas. The trail runs from Brennan to Montgomery. There [...]

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What the Hell Does “For Sale in Texas Only” Mean Anyway?

Okay, you all know that I like to bring it for Texas wine. I love my Texas wine, and I love getting to know all of the great people at Texas wineries. One thing I don't love is confusing labeling on wines produced in the state of Texas. I don't love the fact that it is all too common for [...]

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Better Than Kissing Your Sister – 2008 Sister Creek Muscat Canelli

There are a lot of things about Texas that make it different from the other wine producing regions of the United States. There are the obvious differences, such as our climate, and then there are the things that you have to look a little harder to find, like a winery that resides within an old cotton gin. Sister Creek has [...]

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Of Texas, BBQ, and Beer – Sograte BBQ

If there is one thing that us Texans like, it's our beef. If there are two think that we like, it's beer and beef. Given that fact, it seems like Cary Franklin has found the perfect pairing. Cary is the owner of Sograte BBQ and Brew, a local business that specializes in BBQ and Home Brewing supplies, as well as [...]

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Review: Not Quite Bubbly – Llano Estacado Moscato

  On my visit to the Llano Estacado Winery last month, I was introduced to a new wine that they have just started making.  Executive Winemaker Greg Bruni and I tasted the Llano Estacado Moscato wine in their tasting room, and I purchased a bottle to try here at home as well. This is definitely not the kind of wine [...]

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United Slurps of America with Swirl Smell Slurp

"He" and "She" (which I guess would make a "They"), from the Swirl Smell Slurp blog have an ambitious project together that is pairing them with local bloggers across the country to try to taste America.  They are trying to taste wine from every state in this here US of A, and were kind enough to ask me and Jim [...]

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