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A Rose By Any Other Name – Duchman Family Winery

Things have been hopping recently for the folks at Duchman Family Winery. First, they started up their Movie in the Vineyard series, which sounds like a ton of fun, then they put the finishing touches on their name change (from Mandola Estate Winery), and then they pull down some major praise for their 2008 Dolcetto, which won Double Gold at [...]

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The Wines of Texas Are Upon You

Last night's Taste Texas Twitter tasting with Mandola Estate Winery was a big success, with over 50 people tweeting more than 500 times about the wines of this Texas Hill Country winery. In addition to those who were tweeting about the wines, there were tweetups being held all around the state.   The fun thing about any wine tasting is [...]

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Taste Texas Guest Blogger Profile: Russ Kane of Vintage Texas

If you were to ask me for the one person who I most associate with Texas wine, the first name that would come to mind is Russ Kane. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience with Texas wine, one could hardly argue against Russ Kane for the title of Texas Wine Czar. In addition to writing the VintageTexas blog, he [...]

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Taste Texas Guest Blogger Profile: Melanie Ofenloch of Dallas Wine Chick

We are down to the final countdown to the Mandola Estate Winery Taste Texas tasting, and I've been working my way through profiles of the bloggers who will be participating in the event with me. Today I'm talking with a fellow Texas resident, Melanie Ofenloch from I have been following Melanie's blog since day one, and have really enjoyed [...]

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Taste Texas Guest Blogger Profile: Joe Herrig of Suburban Wino

We are just a week away from the first Taste Texas Twitter event with Mandola Estate Winery, and I thought that it would be a good idea to profile a few of the bloggers who will be participating in the event with me.   Joe Herrig is the one and only wily unbranded calf of wine blogging, launching his assault [...]

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A Taste of Texas, Twitter-Style

I've been lucky enough to have been able to participate in some really great wine events on Twitter recently, including the recent Tweet and Taste Michigan event that was hosted by Shannon Casey from Michigan by the Bottle. The really great thing about that event was that the folks from the winery were very involved in the whole process, and [...]

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All Good Things Must End – 2010 Texas-Virginia Wine Summit – Part 4

I have had so much fun doing this series with Josh from Wine(Explored), that finishing it up is a little bittersweet.  I loved getting to try some Virginia wines, and to learn more about the wine industry in Virginia.  Thanks for the memories Josh! Today our last post is running on Wine(Explored).  I can say that for my part, I [...]

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United Slurps of America with Swirl Smell Slurp

"He" and "She" (which I guess would make a "They"), from the Swirl Smell Slurp blog have an ambitious project together that is pairing them with local bloggers across the country to try to taste America.  They are trying to taste wine from every state in this here US of A, and were kind enough to ask me and Jim [...]

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Independent Research – The 2010 Texas – Virginia Wine Summit – Part 3

This is part three of the 2010 Texas – Virginia Wine Summit.  For part 1 of the 2010 Texas – Virginia Wine Summit, you can find the Dawn of Cooperation here on Vinotology.For part 2 of the Summit, you can find The Great Tasting here on Wine(Explored) Chairman: Welcome to the third session of the 2010 Texas – Virginia Wine [...]

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Review: Call us the Rhone Star State – 2008 Llano Estacado Signature Melange

On my recent video interview with Llano Estacado Winery, I promised a review of a few of their wines was coming soon.  So, maybe the "soon" part was a bit of an exaggeration, but I am finally getting around to getting some reviews posted.  I originally thought about letting this one wait until a Mourvedre Monday, in honor of the [...]

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