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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

The last month has seen a lot of changes taking place with my friends in the wine community. I've been falling down on the job in covering these items individually, so I've decided to take this opportunity to post an update on the goings-on. Some of these are just news about new endeavors, and some are developments that will be [...]

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My California Job Search Trip Continued

Yesterday I posted some updates and pictures from my recent trip to California. As my wife told me immediately preceding my departure for California wine country, this trip was not a vacation. I did have a great time, but my activity was dictated by the fact that I was on the West Coast looking for gainful employment. The book is [...]

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Eleven Reasons to Participate in #Cabernet Day

The Twitter machine has been all abuzz recently with talk about the upcoming #Cabernet Twitter Social Media event that is being organized by Rick Bakas. There have been a number of this type of event taking place over the last few months, and this one has the potential to break all of the standing wine social media records. All you [...]

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August 6 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has given me support in my search for a job in the wine biz. You guys are all awesome. A special thanks to the guys at Wine Biz Radio for mentioning my search on their show this week. The Good Man, this is another week where I found so many Good [...]

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What I Learned at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference

I've never been one to resist peer pressure. I say when the times get tough, do what everyone else is doing. So, in that spirit, here is my "what I learned" post from #wbc10. Please forgive me if I talk a lot about bloggers in this post, but improving my craft as a blogger was really the purpose of the [...]

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Is Twitter Taste Burnout Coming?

 Last Thursday I participated in the Twitter #SauvBlanc tasting event.  The event was a lot of fun, with hundreds of people tweeting thousands of times about the Sauvignon Blanc wines that they were drinking that night.  This event had followed up the #CaliCabs event that Rick Bakas from St. Supery Winery had put together a month beforehand, and leads into [...]

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February 12 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good The Good this week is a couple of fun tasting events that came up this week. The first is by far the biggest Twitter tasting event that has taken place since I’ve been blogging.  The #CaliCabs event was open to everyone, and featured tweeters from around the country tasting their favorite California Cabernet(s) and then tweeting about them.  [...]

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