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Put a QR Code On It

I know that this is probably shocking to you, but the wine industry is not the most agile market for adoption of new technologies. That said, there is a tendency within the industry to latch onto marketing fads with the wild abandon of a rabid honey badger. Although the initial reaction to some of these efforts is to applaud wineries [...]

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Pursuing the Dream – I Start My Wine Career Search

My wife and I have been bandying about the idea of moving for some time now. As her family has gone through a diaspora over the last couple of years that has greatly increased the distance required to visit anyone on her side of the tree, we have started thinking about moving closer to some of her family. With her [...]

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What Does Your Twitter Resume Say?

A while back I saw a tweet from my friend Chris Oggenfuss (@vintuba) that asked this question – @vintuba: Are wineries that use ghost writers for their facebook pages and twitter posts less authentic As a person who just recently started the process of looking for a marketing/social media job in the wine business (feel free to let me know [...]

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Good Wine, Prostitutes, and Capitalism – Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards

If you spend enough time reading about wine or talking to winos, there is no doubt that the topic of marketing will come up at some point. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to marketing, wine labels, and the like. My favorite wine labels are the ones that have a unique story behind them. I think that this can [...]

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Dropping Some Social Media Knowledge

I had been working on getting a post together on social media strategies for wineries, but why do work that someone else has already done?  Josh over at Drink Nectar has put together a kick-ass post on social media that said pretty much everything that I was thinking about saying.  He is dropping some serious knowledge on using SM in [...]

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Sacre Bleu Wine has a sweet article about cigars, wine, and the new American cool.  A lot of the post focuses on the marketing job that CAO cigars has done to position them as cool with the millennium gen crowd.  Both wine and cigars have been trying to appeal to the new generation.  From the article – While wine’s image [...]

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The future of wine

Whew, glad to hear that Robert Parker thinks that there is a place for us bloggers in the coming wine world.   Leah McNally has a great post up on Palate Press about the Wine Future conference in Logroño, Spain.  I have read some accounts of some of the sessions at the conference, and even saw a video of one [...]

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