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January 28th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

After some chatting on Twitter today, Paul Mabray from Vintank convinced me to interrupt my hiatus to put out an installment of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly this week. For those who have been wondering about me, the plan is to relaunch Vinotology next week with my new design and format. The plan has morphed a little bit [...]

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November 12th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good Every once in a while I come across a post that is so imaginative and hilarious that is makes me laugh audibly (or LOL for you hip young folks), and possibly even wet myself a little. This week Joe Roberts, THE 1WineDude, had a great post about the alleged abductions of Pennsylvania shoppers by the state’s “MCP” Wine [...]

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October 15th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good The good this week is a couple of my favorite bloggers taking some major leaps in their careers. Joe Roberts of 1WineDude posted this week on his move to the ranks of wine blogging professionals, which brings the grand total up to one I think, unless you count Dr. Vino. The other major leap is being taken by [...]

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August 13 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Guest Poster: SipwithMe

This week’s Good, the Bad and the Ugly is being delivered by Tamara Belgard of Sip with Me. The air was so heavy with dirt, with every breath; it coated your mouth and throat. It was so thick with tension; you couldn’t have swallowed it if you tried. It was a week of showdowns, barroom brawls and shoot-outs between the [...]

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July 9 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Times is good for funny wine blog posts this week. If you follow a lot of the wine bloggers that I do, you have doubtless been kept in stitches following their RSS feeds. There were simply too many great posts this week to narrow the list down to a single one, so here are a few of my [...]

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Here’s to Greece (Wish I Was There Too)

Photo courtesy of Constance Chamberlain After being constantly bombarded over the last couple of days by beautiful images of Greece on Facebook, thanks to my friends Joe Roberts (1WineDude), Constance Chamberlain (Wine Connoisseur 101), and Joe and Amy Power (Another Wine Blog), I have decided that I should post a review of a Greek wine in their honor. The crew [...]

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1WineDude, a Nectar Drinker, and a Vinotologist Drive to Spokane…

I had been wanting to catch up with Joe Roberts all weekend at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and it just never really happened. We were all so busy, and on top of all the mayhem, Joe was busy dealing with some sadness on the homefront, as his dog passed away while he was out of town. As a dog owner, [...]

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Walla Walla (Holla Holla) – The WBC10 Semi-Live Blog

Finally, the day has arrived. The morning started off with a search for breakfast, a quest that lead the group that I was with to a restaurant whose slowness of service nearly caused me to pass away from hunger. Josh Wade, Steve Paulo, and I met up with David Honig, Rick Bakas, Jeff Lefevre, and Sasha Kadey on the way [...]

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April 16 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Every week I find more material than I need for “The Good” portion of this post, and this week was no exception.  I want to call out a couple of items this week. First, my friend Steve Paulo from Notes From the Cellar posted a list of wine-themed movie quotes. From my communication with him online, I picture [...]

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