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If Tonight Were My Last Meal on Earth…

Tonight my wife made lasagna for dinner, and when I say "made", I mean that she placed a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven. It was one of those nights, where neither of us had the energy to really cook dinner, so the easy solution was pretty intriguing.   I find that Garfield and I have quite a bit in common [...]

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Doing Things the Right Way – Il Palazzone

Those of you who have been reading my blog recently are already aware of the fact that I have some interest in the question of organic wine and wine made by producers who are interested in sustainability.  There has been some great discussion in some of the past posts on the subject, and I was especially interested in some comments [...]

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Review: Some Good Pizza Wine – 2008 Collezione di Paolo Chianti

A friend of mine is a member of the Wall Street Journal wine club and recently asked me if I would like to go in with him on a case of Italian wines.  One of the wines that I received from my half of the order was a 2008 Collezione di Paolo Chianti.  When the menu calls for pizza, this [...]

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Review: A Texas Vermentino

I'm spending Christmas with my wife's family in Arizona this year and I don't have too much time to post, but I did want to post a quick review of this 2008 Mandola Vermantino from Mandola Estate Winery.  Mandola is located Southwest of Austin and specializes in Italian variety wines. This wine had a really nice crisp acidic flavor.  It [...]

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Review: Geeze, There’s a Lot of Letters in That Name

Last night my wife and I had a friend over for dinner and decided to pop the cork on a 2008 Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera (say all of that 3 times fast) that I had picked up from World Market a while back.  We were serving lasagna for dinner, so I thought a nice Italian wine would be a good choice.  [...]

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Review: A Little Taste of Texas – 2008 Mandola Dolcetto

This weekend I celebrated the fact that I successfully survived another year, and I decided that I wanted to spend my birthday (gifts are welcome by the way, I like wine) hosting a wine tasting event for some of my friends.  I will be making a post later with more on the tasting, so I won't go into too much [...]

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Review: Cusumano 2008 Nero D’Avola

A few weeks ago one of my friends mentioned that I should keep my eyes open for a place in town that had a Nero D'Avola wine in stock.  I looked a couple of places without any success, and then stumbled upon the Cusumano 2008 Nero D'Avola at World Market.  I didn't originally buy it, but went back this week [...]

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