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Sharing a Little Madness – Folie à Deux Wines

It's not often that I get wine that was named after a psychological disorder. I think the closest thing is probably the Delirium Tremens beer that I occasionally indulge in. I recently received samples of three different wines produced by Folie à Deux, the famed subsidiary winery of Trinchero Family Estates. Folie à Deux is perhaps best known for their Menage à [...]

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Hug Your Local Wine Grape Farmer – Guest Post from Jennifer R. Thomson

  I know, I know – “God Bless Texas” where the cattle are bigger, the men aren’t afraid to wear hub caps on their belts, and you can’t get Chardonnay to grow worth a damn! Whoops, that’s sure to rile some of you Texans up. Farmers and ranchers don’t seem to be as much of a dwindling commodity in Texas [...]

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What is This White Stuff Floating in My Glass?

I love talking about wine. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I will ramble on ad nauseum about some bit of enological minutia that I'm the only one who gives a rat's ass about. Sometimes I catch myself dropping wine buzz words, seemingly with the assumption that everyone around me knows what I'm talking about. I [...]

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Review: West Texas’ Great White Blend – 2008 Llano Estacada Viviana

 Sometimes it's easy to overlook the things that are too familiar.  As a wine drinker, I sometimes get so involved in looking to other regions for good wines, that I forget about the four wineries that are less than 15 minutes from my own house.  I have to be honest; I have rarely bought Llano Estacado wines in the past, [...]

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Review: What’s More Rare Than A Texas Pinot Noir?

The answer is, not a whole hell of a lot.  I found one though.  Turns out that they are actually growing Pinot Noir right here in my own back yard.  I talked about this with the guys at Pheasant Ridge winery in my video interview the other day.  The winery provided me with samples of their Pinot Noir and of [...]

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Just Goes to Show, You Can’t Pick Your Family

Scandal has rocked the grape world.  Call the tabloids!  According to a paper published yesterday, some high profile varieties have some questionable parentage. reported on this story.  Actually, the only real news here is who the mother is. Gouais Blanc, the trailer trash of the grape world, seems to be the mother of some notable varieties, including Chardonnay and [...]

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2006 St. George Sonoma County Chardonnay Barrel Reserve

I talked with a friend this week about playing around with taking some wine photos this weekend.  I had a few bottles of red wine, but wanted to grab a bottle of white to give us a little variety to work with.  Since this was really a last minute call, I decided to run over to a liquor store down [...]

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