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Cap*Rock Winery Auction Live Blog

  Who knows what has gone on behind closed doors over the last week. It has been one week since the news became official of the Gruet withdrawal from the Cap*Rock sale. Today at 2:30 pm the results of the closed bid auction will be presented to Judge Robert Jones, and we should know who the new owner of the [...]

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July 30 – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good In the last year my wife and I have become addicted to the show Mad Men. I know, we tend to be a little late arriving to these kind of parties, but we are here now. For those who don’t know, and there can’t be very many of you, Mad Men centers around the lives, beverage choices, and [...]

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Not All That Sparkles is Gold: A Disappointing Twist to the Gruet Story

  The title of this post is taken from a comment that my friend Luke left me on Facebook yesterday in reference to the Gruet/Cap*Rock debacle. The comment does a good job of giving voice to the disappointment that many are feeling with the outcome of the Gruet purchase of the Lubbock winery. In conversations with Texas wine lovers over [...]

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More Breaking News – Official Word That Gruet is Backing Out of Cap*Rock Sale

Sorry to do a follow up post so soon, but we just received official word that Gruet has backed out on the Cap*Rock sale. VintageTexas posted the following details on his blog moments ago – I received a call from Max Tarbox, attorney for the CapRock Auction Sale early this afternoon indicating the he has received permission from the Bankruptcy [...]

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Breaking Rumor: Sale of Cap*Rock Winery to Gruet In Trouble?

At this point this is all very much hearsay, but I spoke to a source today who said that the sale of Cap*Rock winery to Gruet that had been reported earlier on this blog is in jeopardy. Again, this has not been substantiated yet. For now I don't really have anything concrete on this, but I will be looking into [...]

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Contemplations on France, Texas, and Bubbly

The events of the last week have gotten my brain churning on some things. For those who haven't read my last couple of posts, a local winery was purchased at auction by Laurent Gruet, of the sparkling wine powerhouse from New Mexico, Gruet Winery. Although I think the overall reaction around the state has been pretty positive, there are always [...]

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The CapRock Sale – The Most Expensive Three Minutes in Texas Wine History?

It's not every day that you see an established winery up on the auction blocks, although the sight does seem to be becoming more common all the time. This afternoon saw the sale of Cap*Rock Winery, which is one of the most troubled, but also most beautiful, wineries in West Texas. The winery itself is an approximately 23,000 sq ft [...]

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Breaking News – Texas Winery Purchased by Gruet

  I will have more details on this coming up this evening, but the New Mexico bubbly house, Gruet Winery, has purchased the CapRock Winery, and does have plans to begin production of Texas "Champagne". Early estimates that I had been hearing for the purchase price of the winery had been in the $2-3 million range, but when the smoke [...]

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West Texas Looking For Terrior

If you were to drive through West Texas, the last thing that you would expect to find would be vineyards.  The whole area is one big dust bowl, brown and vacant.  The only interruption to the staked plains is the occasional field of cotton.  That is slowly changing. I have several friends who have farmed in this area for a [...]

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