Portland, Here We Come!

Although my activity as a blogger has slowed to a trickle here on Vinotology, I still count myself as a part of the blogging community. I keep telling myself, and all of you, that I am going to start blogging regularly again. I suppose that I have, if you consider once or twice a month to be “regular”. Most social [...]

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Put a QR Code On It

I know that this is probably shocking to you, but the wine industry is not the most agile market for adoption of new technologies. That said, there is a tendency within the industry to latch onto marketing fads with the wild abandon of a rabid honey badger. Although the initial reaction to some of these efforts is to applaud wineries [...]

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A Lot Has Happened Since Last I Wrote

Forgive this crudely crafted gem. I promise, it will get better from here. Dear Reader, I know, it has been a long time since you last heard from me. I’m sorry that I have been remiss in keeping the lines of communications open. I could make up an excuse about why I have been away, but you deserve better than [...]

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The Taste of Good Times

Wine events come in all shapes and sizes, and last weekend Seattle hosted one of the biggest annual wine and food events in the Northwest, Taste Washington. This was my first time to attend Taste Washington, and I spent the majority of the day Saturday serving guest some of Chef Frank Magana’s mind blowingly delicious goodies. The Chorizo Stuffed Prawns [...]

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The Journey Continues at Alexandria Nicole Cellars
Alexandria Nicole Cellars Jet Black

Those of you who are connected to me on Facebook have already seen that last week brought some big news for me in my wine industry journey. Last week I started working for Alexandria Nicole Cellars, one of the wineries that made me want to move to Washington in the first place. My dream of working in a multi-faceted role [...]

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The Most Interesting Man in the World

My goal of writing every day for 40 days hit a snag recently. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing, and there isn’t a damn thing that you can do about it. About two weeks ago I received one of those phone calls that you never want to receive. I listened dumbly as my mother informed me that my [...]

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Winemaking: The Marriage of Science and Art
Periodic Table

There are very few areas in life where science and art intersect. The two things seem to be diametrically opposed to one another. Philosophers have fought intellectual battles about which mode of thinking is more central to the human experience. Regardless of whether or not one paradigm is preferable to the other, wine is one area where the two sides [...]

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Twin Peaks: Wine Fever Dream With Me
Agent Dale Cooper

Last night I was awakened by a dream, a dream so glorious that I had to rush to write it down so that I would remember all of the details to recount to you. Like a magic portal to my subconscious, this dream featured dancing midgets (little people that is), crushed velvet robes, giant sandworms, a disembodied human ear, and [...]

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It’s Good to be a Nerd
Revenge of the Nerds

Miguel De Unamuno, a person whom I know absolutely nothing about, is quoted as saying, “Consciousness is a disease.” This is a theme that I have always found, though seldom stated explicitly, in some of my favorite authors. The disease of consciousness can be found everywhere in books by Dostoyevsky and Albert Camus. As a existentialism junky, I have consumed [...]

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40 Days of Writing

I just wanted to drop a quick post to talk about a project that I am going to be participating in, and am very excited about. Many of you know, or know of, Hardy Wallace. His fiance, Kate Graham, has kicked off an exciting writing project called “40 Days of Writing.” The idea is that those of us with an [...]

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