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Maybe We DO Need Some Stinking Badges

By now many of you who are regular readers of my blog are aware of my past contemplations on the subject of wine scoring. While I realize that wine scoring definitely serves a purpose, and that maybe we all score wines in one way or another, I still have misgivings about the systems that we use to quantify the wine [...]

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What Makes a Good Social Media Campaign for a Winery?

There have been a couple of things that got me started asking this question on my Facebook page the other day – "What kind of content do you most like to see on social media from wineries? What makes a good Facebook page from a winery?" There are lots of examples of both good and bad uses of social media [...]

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What is This White Stuff Floating in My Glass?

I love talking about wine. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I will ramble on ad nauseum about some bit of enological minutia that I'm the only one who gives a rat's ass about. Sometimes I catch myself dropping wine buzz words, seemingly with the assumption that everyone around me knows what I'm talking about. I [...]

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Pursuing the Dream – I Start My Wine Career Search

My wife and I have been bandying about the idea of moving for some time now. As her family has gone through a diaspora over the last couple of years that has greatly increased the distance required to visit anyone on her side of the tree, we have started thinking about moving closer to some of her family. With her [...]

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Hire Me

Are you looking for a passionate wine lover with marketing and social media skills to join your organization? If so, look no further. I have spent my entire career in sales and marketing, and have extensive experience with marketing and brand building online. I have worked in several capacities on social media campaigns, both with assisting clients with development of [...]

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What Does Your Twitter Resume Say?

A while back I saw a tweet from my friend Chris Oggenfuss (@vintuba) that asked this question – @vintuba: Are wineries that use ghost writers for their facebook pages and twitter posts less authentic As a person who just recently started the process of looking for a marketing/social media job in the wine business (feel free to let me know [...]

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Wine Biz Radio Comes to Texas

The 2010 Wine Bloggers' Conference was a great opportunity to meet some of the awesome people in the wine business, people who don't normally surface in my fair state of Texas. There are so many different ways that I have been able to experience the wine country life here in the Lone Star State, and one of the ways that [...]

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Is Biodynamics a Hoax?

There are few topics that are more controversial in the wine world right now than that of Biodynamic wines. Both proponents and opponents seem to be equally passionate in their opinions on the subject. Jeff Lefevere has an outstanding post up on his Good Grape blog right now about the need for a change in the dialogue (or dueling monologues) [...]

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Summertime (and the Livin’s Easy) – 2008 Laurenz V. Singing Grüner Veltliner

When the temperatures start moving North here in Texas, my tastes gradually turn from red to white. The Summer heat makes many of my favorite reds darn near undrinkable for the next couple of months. So naturally I just stop drinking during the Summer, right? Sure. One great variety for these hot summer days is the Austrian superstar white, Grüner [...]

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An Adventure in Willamette

Last week was the first time that I had ever set foot in the state of Oregon. I have spent a good deal of time in Washington, mostly the Seattle area, but I've never managed to make it to visit Washington's neighbor to the South. When the opportunity to leave a couple of days early for the Wine Bloggers' Conference [...]

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