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Champagne and Lucky Strikes
Punk girl

I don’t do this often, but I beg your forgiveness for another one of my self-indulgent jaunts into wine fiction. The night had consisted of a steady stream of Lucky Strikes and copious quantities of beer. The cool night air of an early summer evening in Denver had descended on us like an albatross, driving most of the crowd indoors. [...]

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Cabernet From Plastic Cups

 It was only eleven o'clock, and we couldn't bring ourselves to end the night so soon.  We had managed to hook up with a legendary musician, albeit a legend of a very specific niche.  Billy was a banjo player who had played with the likes of Woody Guthrie, and Pete Seger.  He had run around in the same Greenwich Village [...]

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The Best Part of Us

I just felt the need to post this little exercise in creative narcissism.  I promise that these will be few and far between. In hindsight, that bottle of wine had been the best part of our relationship.  It sat on the rack in the cellar for three years, only to culminate in one night of pure vinostatic bliss and then [...]

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