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The Wino Fantasy Continues: From Baseball to Football

This baseball season saw the advent of a new league that brought together two of my favorite things, wine and baseball. A great group of winos from around the country came together to participate in the Major Wino Fantasy Baseball League. The first order of business here today is some gloating on my part. As of the start of today's [...]

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Major Wino Fantasy Baseball Update

Well, thus far the season has not gone well for my Oeno Slaughterers.  Nestled among the bottom quarter of the league for most of the season, I've finally started a bit of a rally.  In hindsight, my team could have done without any Astros representation, with Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee both batting well beneath the Mendoza Line.  I finally [...]

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What Could Possibly Pair Better Than Baseball and Wine?

Ahh, Spring.  The birds singing, the grass turning green, and of course there's Spring Training.  Just the thought of baseball returning makes me feel all warm inside.  This year, I'm looking forward to playing some fantasy baseball with some fellow winos in the 1st Annual Major Wino Baseball League.  We ended up with 13 teams participating in the league, from [...]

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The Major Wino Fantasy Baseball League – Est. 2010

So it looks like we have all of the teams that we need for the inaugural season of our wino fantasy baseball league.  We have a really great group of winos participating in the league.  I'm already friends with several of the other participants, and I look forward to becoming friends with those who I'm just now getting to know.  [...]

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