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Wearing a Lot of Hats in the Wine Biz
Don Draper

I’ve always liked to wear a lot of hats. Since I was a kid I have lamented the fact that I didn’t grow up in the era of the Humphrey Bogart movies that my mom used to love watching. Sure, there were always ball caps, but you never saw men walking down the street in their suits and a nice [...]

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The Women of the New Wine Media

Wine writing in the traditional media has long been somewhat of a boys club. Although there are a handful of women who have managed to penetrate the Riedel Ceiling, such as Jancis Robinson and Alice Feiring, the overwhelming majority of wine writers in print have been male. Thanks to the new DIY options that have sprung up with the advent [...]

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The Continuing Odyssey of Randall Grahm
The Continuing Odyssey of Randall Grahm

I still remember the first time that I heard Johnny Cash’s original American Recordings album. There is something haunting about the vulnerability of an aged Cash’s gravelly voice singing over a simple acoustic guitar. There is an intense honesty that comes across in the music once you have stripped away all of the excess instrumentation and production that had gone [...]

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Put a QR Code On It

I know that this is probably shocking to you, but the wine industry is not the most agile market for adoption of new technologies. That said, there is a tendency within the industry to latch onto marketing fads with the wild abandon of a rabid honey badger. Although the initial reaction to some of these efforts is to applaud wineries [...]

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