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Review: Late for #CaliCabs, Early For #WAMerlot – 2005 Northstar Merlot

I just seem to be hitting all around these Twitter tasting events that have been going on.  A couple of weeks ago, I managed to miss the #CaliCabs tasting, and now I've gone and prematurely popped the cork (hmm, seems like an unfortunate choice of words, but I'll let it run anyway) on the perfect wine to use for the [...]

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Review: The Tropics Come to Washington – 2008 Barnard Griffin Pinot Gris

I'm pretty much having a love affair with Washington wines these days.  That's a really good thing, since I'll have the chance to drink quite a bit of Washington state wine when I attend the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference this June in Walla Walla.  The wine that I'm reviewing today, the 2008 Barnard Griffin Pinot Gris, is the second wine [...]

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Review: I AM Drinking Some Effing Merlot – 2007 Barnard Griffin Reserve Merlot

In addition to drinking a lot of sparkling wine over New Years, I also popped open a bottle of 2007 Barnard Griffin Reserve Merlot.  As much as I loved the bubbly, this Merlot was the star of the evening for me. While I was in Washington this summer, I visited the Barnard Griffin winery in Richland.  Rob Griffin has been [...]

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