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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 6 – Woodinville

One of the great things that I am finding about Washington is that there are so many different experiences within an easy driving distance. The East side of the state, where I am currently living, is all high desert. The desert has its own kind of beauty, with the rolling hills and rivers flowing in every direction, but drive a [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 5 – Mercer Estates

Earlier this week I wrote about my recent trip to Prosser, one of the many great wine locales in Washington State. One of the wineries that I visited while I was out there was Mercer Estates, which is the result of a collaboration between two great Washington wine families, the Mercers and the Hogues. When Mike Hogue sold Hogue Cellars [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 4 – Prosser

There are some names that are instantly recognizable to most people when it comes to wine regions, Bordeaux, Napa, and of course, Prosser. Okay, so maybe Prosser is not on the list of most recognizable wine locales, but for those who live in the Northwest, it should certainly be a name to become familiar with. The city of Prosser is [...]

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Washington State Syrah Tweetup in Prosser – Friday October 29th

With the help of some great friends, including Scott Abernathy (wino4ever on Twitter) and the good people at Mercer Estates Winery in Prosser, I have been working on organizing my first Washington State tweetup. Mercer Estates has graciously offered their tasting room in Prosser to host the event, and you are all welcome to come participate in a tasting of [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 3 – State Controlled Liquor Sales

Many states have their little quirks when it comes to liquor sales, and Washington has quirks in spades. Washington is one of 18 liquor "control" states, in which the state runs all of the liquor stores. Although I come from Texas, not exactly a home of free market liquor policy, I was still astounded when I first heard about the [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 2 – L’Ecole No. 41

For those of you who are regular readers of Vinotology, you know that I am a sucker for a winery with a great story. I always enjoy hearing about the history of the wineries that I visit, and I also love it when the winery does a good job of incorporating that story into their marketing. Of course, it doesn't [...]

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J. Bookwalter Harvest Pt 2 – On Sorting, Crushing, and Incredible Fruit

To say that I was "working" the harvest during the first part of my day at J Bookwalter Winery would not only be a stretch, but a bald-faced lie. I observed winemaking work being done at the winery, trying my hardest to stay out of the way of the people who were really doing the work. Cellar Master Travis Maple [...]

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Working Harvest With J Bookwalter Winery

There is probably not another career that has been more romanticized over the years than that of winemaker. It is easy to get lost in the mystique that surrounds the creation of fine wines, but I am here to tell you that these folks, just like you, put their pants on one leg at a time, only once their pants [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 1 – The Tri-Cities

It's been almost a year since I first visited Washington's wine country. My father-in-law had moved to an Eastern Washington city that I'd never heard of. I had always associated Washington with Seattle, which I have visited several times. Everything I had experienced of the state was the rainy Western portion, home of Nirvana and according to popular movies, the [...]

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Millenials Take the Stage in Washington

It has become more and more common in almost every industry to hear references to the Millenial Generation in recent years. This growing market segment is important in any business, and the wine industry is no exception. As the portion of this generation that is of drinking age continues to grow, so does their influence over the industry. For the [...]

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