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The 2011 Tri-Cities Wine Festival

One of the biggest local wine events of the year here in Eastern Washington is the Tri-Cities Wine Festival that is put together by the Tri-Cities Wine Society. Roughly 100 wineries participate every year, and this was Thomas O’Neil Cellars first trip to the festival. The original plan was for Tom O’Neil to join me at the festival while his [...]

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Elbow Deep in Viognier

Small businesses always present owners with unique challenges, and a small winery is certainly no exception to that rule. All that fancy equipment that you see at the larger wineries is not always an option for a smaller place. You start out with the items that are essential to operate, and then year after year you add on as you are [...]

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A New Chapter – I’m in the Wine Biz

Here I am, after a long hiatus from the blogging world, jumping back into the fray. There were a lot of reasons for my absence from the world of wine blogging, which we don’t really have to get into in this post. I have missed all of you guys while I was away from it all, and I’ve been planning [...]

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The Wines of Robert O. Smasne Tasting Room Opens in Tri-Cities
Smasne Cellars

The last few months have seen some exciting developments in the local wine scene here in Eastern Washington. There have been several wineries that have opened tasting rooms here in the Tri-Cities, including Thomas O’Neil Cellars, Kitzke Cellars, and Hamilton Cellars. Add to this mix the addition of some great new restaurants cropping up, such as Picazo Restaurant and Bar [...]

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Good Food and Wine in the Tri-Cities – Robert Smasne

This is the time that I consider the real start of the year. We’ve languished through the death throes of Winter’s chilly grasp. Nothing of importance happens in January and February (okay, there’s this big football game, but that’s it.) Finally in March you start to see some action. Baseball spring training is in full swing, culminating in opening day [...]

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What Does Precept Growth Mean to Washington Wine Industry?

Anyone who has been paying attention to the ways of the world in the last few decades could tell you that the times, they are a changin'. There has been a steady move away from the locally owned mom and pop businesses in favor of larger corporations. In some industries this comes in the form of big box retailers moving [...]

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10 Out of 10 Doctors Agree – Skylite Cellars Makes Good Wine

One of the best parts of running this humble little wine blog has been all of the great people that I have had the opportunity to meet through it. Most of these people have been connections that I have made through Twitter, and I recently had the opportunity to meet another person that I have gotten to know through my [...]

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Feeling Rhônely in Walla Walla: Rôtie Cellars

What can I say, I’m a sucker for wines made from Rhône varieties, and I’m also, unfortunately for you readers, a sucker for Rhône-based puns. When I was originally out in Washington last June for the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, one of the wineries that really stood out for me was Rôtie Cellars, a winery located in Walla Walla that specializes in wines based [...]

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Wrapping Up Movember, With Mourvedre: 2008 Knight Hill Mourvedre

As most of you already know, I spent the month of November growing a mustache for the Movember fundraising effort. Since I write a blog about wine, and not facial hair, I decided that I would add a little twist to the effort and make it my goal to taste several Mourvedre based wines from Washington state during the month [...]

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Washington: Getting to Know You Tour Stop 8 – The Rattlesnake Hills

One of the things that I knew that I would need to get a handle on when I moved to Washington, was the layout of the various American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). This can sometimes prove to be more difficult than you might think, as the AVAs here have this tendency to overlap, or possibly to be contained within the boundaries [...]

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