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Champagne and Lucky Strikes
Punk girl

I don’t do this often, but I beg your forgiveness for another one of my self-indulgent jaunts into wine fiction. The night had consisted of a steady stream of Lucky Strikes and copious quantities of beer. The cool night air of an early summer evening in Denver had descended on us like an albatross, driving most of the crowd indoors. [...]

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Bordeaux on a Budget?

I have recently had a massive influx of Bordeaux wine samples coming from various sources, so massive that I could drink Bordeaux every other day for the next month and still have some left over. Now some of you might be thinking, “Wow! I’m going to go start a wine blog so that I can get in on these vino [...]

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Hemmingway, Running Bulls and Tempranillo – Navarra, Spain
Running of the Bulls

Spain has become quite a trendy option for wine in recent years. The wines of the Rioja region and the Priorat have been the superstars of Spain, producing some of the most well known and respected wines that the country has to offer. I recently had the opportunity to try some wines from another region of Spain, The Kingdom of [...]

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Taking the Taste Challenge

A while back I wrote about a tasting event that I participated in that was hosted by the folks at WineTwits. The tasting was a blogger event that featured a blind tasting of several Australian Shiraz wines. One of the unique features of the tasting was the way that it combined local live tasting events, Twitter tasting, and a video [...]

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Reserving Judgment on Yellow Tail Reserve

If you've read much of my previous work on this blog, you know that I am probably as likely to use Yellow Tail as the punchline of a joke as I am to actually drink it. I, like most people my age, spent my time drinking the kangaroo labeled wine during my poor college years and early twenties. I was [...]

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Mollydooker: Australian for Fruit Bomb

Upon first experiencing Mollydooker wines, there are a number of adjectives that come to mind. Jammy, fruity, decadent, hedonistic etc. Subtle is not a word that will appear on any list of descriptors for these Australian Shiraz wines. I recently received three different offerings of Mollydooker Shiraz as samples for review. For the benefit of anyone who wandered into the [...]

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The Case for Beaujolais (not Nouveau)

Today's post is a guest post by Frank Morgan Last month I had the occasion to spend a few days in Paris at the end of a work trip in the region.  Aside from the usual touristy stuff – visit to the Louvre and Eifel Tower, lots of photos I may never look at again, souvenir trinkets for those who [...]

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Flight of the Conchords Aren’t New Zealand’s Only Great Export

  Image taken from Thursday is a big day in the Twitterverse, as wine lovers all over the world will be participating in the #Pinotnoir Twitter tasting event. There are corresponding real world events being held in locations around the US, from Atlanta, to Boston, to Lubbock…, that's in Texas, for those not in the know. Lubbock is also [...]

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Here’s to Greece (Wish I Was There Too)

Photo courtesy of Constance Chamberlain After being constantly bombarded over the last couple of days by beautiful images of Greece on Facebook, thanks to my friends Joe Roberts (1WineDude), Constance Chamberlain (Wine Connoisseur 101), and Joe and Amy Power (Another Wine Blog), I have decided that I should post a review of a Greek wine in their honor. The crew [...]

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If Tonight Were My Last Meal on Earth…

Tonight my wife made lasagna for dinner, and when I say "made", I mean that she placed a Stouffer's Lasagna in the oven. It was one of those nights, where neither of us had the energy to really cook dinner, so the easy solution was pretty intriguing.   I find that Garfield and I have quite a bit in common [...]

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