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Sante Goes to New York (With Your Help)

The first time that I visited Spokane was following the Wine Bloggers Conference in 2010. I pretty much fell in love with the place right away. The city was just the right size to offer, you know, city stuff. We were, of course, focused on wine during that trip, but we did also make some stops that were focused on [...]

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My Vintage Spokane Preview at Masselow’s Restaurant

It will likely come as no surprise to anyone that I like to eat. Strike that. I LOVE to eat. Now I’m no food snob, (I’ve been known to eat at the local Chili’s, and to even leave happy with that decision) but I especially love to eat food that is prepared from quality ingredients, by someone who knows their [...]

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Of Texas, BBQ, and Beer – Sograte BBQ

If there is one thing that us Texans like, it's our beef. If there are two think that we like, it's beer and beef. Given that fact, it seems like Cary Franklin has found the perfect pairing. Cary is the owner of Sograte BBQ and Brew, a local business that specializes in BBQ and Home Brewing supplies, as well as [...]

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Do You Want a Restaurant Wine Revolution?

Well, there's one brewing over at Drink Nectar right now.  The people are speaking, and it sounds like the people are fed up.  Josh Wade, who is the Spokane wine guru behind Drink Nectar, has some outstanding points that I think that every wine drinker can relate with.  Here's a snippet – Put yourself in the seat of an average [...]

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