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Syrah is Sexy
Tea Bags

Just a note, if you are easily offended, you might consider skipping this one. This is an innuendo-heavy post. We all have our own things that turn us on. Some guys are leg guys, and some are ass guys. Me, I’m a Syrah guy. Okay, so Syrah and Pinot Noir, but my Pinot fixation is a topic for another day. [...]

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Cigarettes and Wine Don’t Mix
Marla Smoking

Sometimes I don’t like myself very much. This feeling can be traced all the way back to my childhood. It’s a mommy issue kind of thing. I know that we all have things about ourselves that we would like to change, but I have really honed my self-loathing to a fine point over the years. I have a whole laundry [...]

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History is Alive in Walla Walla
L'Ecole 41

Getting older sucks. Of course, it’s not really the actual aging that is a problem; it’s the changes that go along with aging that bother us. We have the great pleasure of watching our bodies slowly deteriorate, despite our best efforts to fend off the visible effects of having outlived our physical peaks. There are some of us who decide that [...]

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I’ll Do It My Way

The last several months, (probably the last year is really more accurate) my blog has been a mess of fits and starts, with the fits generally outweighing the starts (or maybe it’s the other way around.) I’m going to level with you all here; the truth is that I’ve been fucking bored. The story of my descent into boredom is [...]

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The 2011 Tri-Cities Wine Festival

One of the biggest local wine events of the year here in Eastern Washington is the Tri-Cities Wine Festival that is put together by the Tri-Cities Wine Society. Roughly 100 wineries participate every year, and this was Thomas O’Neil Cellars first trip to the festival. The original plan was for Tom O’Neil to join me at the festival while his [...]

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Elbow Deep in Viognier

Small businesses always present owners with unique challenges, and a small winery is certainly no exception to that rule. All that fancy equipment that you see at the larger wineries is not always an option for a smaller place. You start out with the items that are essential to operate, and then year after year you add on as you are [...]

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A New Chapter – I’m in the Wine Biz

Here I am, after a long hiatus from the blogging world, jumping back into the fray. There were a lot of reasons for my absence from the world of wine blogging, which we don’t really have to get into in this post. I have missed all of you guys while I was away from it all, and I’ve been planning [...]

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June 24th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s been a good week. I had a great experience hanging out with some new friends that we had just met over a few bottles of wine. Sharing some vino with friends always reminds me why I love wine, and it also always puts me in the mood for… They folks at the Wine Bloggers Conference didn’t give the guy [...]

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Champagne and Lucky Strikes
Punk girl

I don’t do this often, but I beg your forgiveness for another one of my self-indulgent jaunts into wine fiction. The night had consisted of a steady stream of Lucky Strikes and copious quantities of beer. The cool night air of an early summer evening in Denver had descended on us like an albatross, driving most of the crowd indoors. [...]

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June 17th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Worst wine label

So, after a long delay I am putting on my TGTBTU shoes and getting back down to business. I have chosen to basically pretend like my unannounced absence never happened, instead of typing out a long tome of an explanation. Without further ado… One of the coolest stories to come out of this whole wine blogging world has been that [...]

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