Like so many of my wine blogging compatriots, I have displayed a troubling habit of periodically releasing a flurry of articles, only to then spend months without posting a single thing, only to then launch into an apology and subsequent flurry of articles. Like a vino-swilling Ouroboros, I keep the cycle repeating as the years pass by. Well, here we go again, but hopefully this time will be the one that sticks.

I have spent the last year working as the “Story Teller” for Alexandria Nicole Cellars (or ANC, as we fondly refer to it), a winery in Eastern Washington. This year has been one of the most amazing learning experiences that I have ever had. In addition to my work telling the winery’s story, I was able to spend the 2012 harvest working in the cellar. I moved to Washington with nothing but a dream, and working for Alexandria Nicole has been like watching that dream come to life. It has been an honor to work with the entire team there, and especially with the owners, Ali and Jarrod Boyle. Sadly, the time has come for me to move on to the next step on my journey.

On my first trip to Washington wine country, I was taken on a side journey by my friend Josh Wade. It was about three years ago that I first visited the city of Spokane, and even on that first trip I spoke about the possibility of one day settling in there. Josh’s wine journey continued on to carry him toward business ownership, a path that would have surprised nobody during those early days of his Drink Nectar blog. Just as our paths connected us during the infancy of our blogging careers, we now find our paths connected again, this time in a professional capacity. Starting in June, I will be working with Josh as his tasting room manager at the Nectar Tasting Room, as well as helping to bring social media mayhem at Nectar Media. I am extremely excited about what the future holds in both endeavors, and I’m equally jazzed to be practicing my wine and marketing kung fu with such an awesome friend.

Along with the change of scenery and my new roles, I am also determined to get back to blogging regularly. When people have asked me why I stopped posting, I have generally replied with something about how busy I was. While it was true that I was very busy, I have still managed to find time to keep up with my Game of Thrones and Walking Dead watching, not to mention sleeping occasionally, so I guess I probably could have made time. I am really proud of the work that I did creatively while I was at ANC, and I look forward to bringing that same creative drive to my work with Nectar, but I also plan to try to spend some time keeping up with churning out some of my own content.

And so, thus begins yet another new chapter in both my life and in this blog. I hope that both new beginnings will be fruitful and prolific, and I look forward to what the upcoming months will bring. I hope that you will raise a glass with me to toast the future. Cheers!