Forgive this crudely crafted gem. I promise, it will get better from here.

Dear Reader,

I know, it has been a long time since you last heard from me. I’m sorry that I have been remiss in keeping the lines of communications open. I could make up an excuse about why I have been away, but you deserve better than that. Still, I do have excuses. Oh, you wouldn’t believe the excuses that I can come up with. I am a mean, green, excuse making machine.

To start with, I’ve been, like, really busy. I got this job that keeps me working all the time. I really love the work, but I am sooooooo busy. I don’t remember the last time I had a 40 hour work week. Even when I’m not working, I’m working. Still, I love my work.

Oh, who am I kidding? The truth is, I’ve been cheating on you. I’ve been finding my creative fulfillment in the arms of another, or something along those lines that keeps the shoddy pretense of this letter in place. I’ve been acting out the fantasy that I have had the whole time that we have been together. I’ve been working for a winery. Not just any winery, a winery that really gets me, you know? They let me come up with crazy ideas, and then actually act on them. They understand the value of a strong brand, and the value of social media in strengthening that brand. They have faith in me, and they appreciate the work that I do for them. They have vision. They even recently gave me the title of Social Media Director, a title that didn’t even exist for them when I arrived.

Anyway, I know this sounds like a “Dear John” letter, but the fact is, I miss you. I hope that you will have me back. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any intention of cutting off my relationship with my other love, I just want you back too. I know, it’s selfish of me to want to have my cake and eat it too, but there it is. I am creatively fulfilled in my work, but I want the relationship that we had. I want to talk with you, and share my life and experiences with you. I want to cuddle with you (okay, maybe that’s going too far.) I guess what I’m saying is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for leaving you, and I’m sorry for…, everything.

If you take me back you can expect me to spend a lot more time talking about the business side of wine, since that’s really where I am at right now. Although I have always avoided talking about social media and marketing in the past, that is so much a part of my journey at this point of my life in wine, that I can’t help but talk about it. I will still talk about my experiences with the wine itself, but the truth is that you will probably have to hear me talk a lot about my experiences with the “other woman”.

Despite all of this, I just want you to know that I…, well, I really do love you. I just love the job too. This is the last time that I am going to mention any of this, so let’s just put it behind us and move forward in our relationship. I believe in us.

Faithfully (mostly) yours,