Agent Dale CooperLast night I was awakened by a dream, a dream so glorious that I had to rush to write it down so that I would remember all of the details to recount to you. Like a magic portal to my subconscious, this dream featured dancing midgets (little people that is), crushed velvet robes, giant sandworms, a disembodied human ear, and some damn good cherry pie. Okay, so most of that wasn’t actually in the dream, but the dancing midget (little person that is) and crushed velvet robes were, and so was Kyle McLaughlin and a bottle of his wine, Pursued by Bear.

Snoqualmie FallsWhen I was in high school my family came to the Northwest to visit my grandparents. I was living in Denver at the time, and my grandparents were living in a little retirement community in Port Ludlow, which is in the Seattle area. We did some touristy stuff while we were here, including a visit to one of the most breathtaking vistas that I have seen in the state, Snoqualmie Falls. When I saw the place, I immediately thought that it looked familiar. After a little research, I discovered that the waterfall was actually the waterfall that was in the beginning credits of the show Twin Peaks. I ended up going down the rabbit hole and discovered that there were Northwest connections all over the place with the show. Not only was the show filmed in the Northwest, but Kyle McLaughlin was from Yakima, Washington.

Since that time, my obsession with the show Twin Peaks and its many Northwest connections has only grown. The fact that McLaughlin started his own wine label just gives me another thing to obsess about. Since I moved to Washington around a year and half ago I have constantly entertained the thought that I might just run into Kyle McLaughlin at the Jimgermanbar in Waitsburg and he would invite me to join him for a drink.

Michael J. AndersonThis fantasy has begun to work its way into my dreams now, as last night I dreamt that I received an invitation from Mr. McLaughlin to do an interview and taste some of his wine (which I haven’t had yet). It turns out that in my dream world, Kyle McLaughlin religiously reads my blog. As the saying goes, “All men are great in their dreams.” Of course, when I arrived at the tasting, the room was a full-on David Lynch fever dream, with crushed red velvet curtains, antique sofas, and Michael J. Anderson greeting me at the door. When I finally met the man himself, I told him how much I loved Twin Peaks, Dune, Blue Velvet, and Desperate Housewives (well, one lie couldn’t hurt anything; I’ve never seen Desperate Housewives.) He told me that he was a big fan of my blog, and that he wished I would bring back The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The tasting in the dream was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that Michael J. Anderson kept offering me a stick of gum between glasses.

As is often the case when awakening from a dream, I kept asking myself what it all meant. I think I have it all figured out though. What my subconscious is trying to tell me is, I need to figure out a way to meet Kyle McLaughlin. It isn’t really so farfetched. I do hear that he is in the area fairly often, so it’s not impossible that I would actually run into him somewhere. I am also sending this out into the universe, via the power of the internet, so maybe it will find him and a meeting will be arranged. What could be more awesome for a blog post than an interview with Kyle McLaughlin about wine? The answer, my friends, is “absolutely nothing.” In the meantime, I have seen some of his wine in the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman store, so maybe I will have to satisfy myself for the time being with tasting the wine. Hopefully it will be awesome, so that I can say “That is some damn good wine.”