So, after a long delay I am putting on my TGTBTU shoes and getting back down to business. I have chosen to basically pretend like my unannounced absence never happened, instead of typing out a long tome of an explanation. Without further ado…

One of the coolest stories to come out of this whole wine blogging world has been that of Hardy Wallace, a young man who rose from the Dirty South wine blogging world to become the winner of Murphy Goode’s “Really Goode Job” contest, then continued his pursuit of the dream by taking a position with a winery that he was passionate about (The Natural Process Alliance), and now is moving into the vineyards to further hone his craft. Last Friday Hardy announced that his personal journey would take him to work in the vineyards of Shake Ridge. While I know the folks at the NPA will miss having him around, I’m really excited to see Hardy continuing to pursue his dream. Hardy has been a great friend and an inspiration to a lot of us, and I wish him all the best.


I’ve posted pretty often on the work that the folks at VinTank have been doing at the intersection of technology and wine. This week Paul Mabray posted about the failure of Scvngr to live up to promises within the Napa wine community. I had high hopes for Scvngr and the wine industry, so the news is unfortunate.


While I’ve been away, my friend Joe Herrig at the Suburban Wino blog has continued to crank out great stuff. This week he posted some ideas for what would make the worst wine label of all time, and many of them were nothing, if not ugly. Here’s a teaser, but you have to check them all out.