1.       I’ve been busy selling off all of my earthly positions in preparation for last week’s rapture.

2.       I have only recently returned from a top secret mission in the Middle East.

3.       Hey, creating a new religion is hard work, bub.

4.       I’ve decided that this internet thing, it’s just a fad.

5.       Writer’s block is a bitch.

6.       I’m thinking of switching topics. It’s time that I share my love of taxidermy with the world!

7.       Two words: Sony…, Playstation.

8.       The emotional strain of trying to live up to the high standards of literary quality set by James Suckling was just more than I could take.

9.       I’m protesting the treatment of migrant farm workers by ceasing to write without notifying anyone of what I’m doing.

10.   I’ve joined the “dark side” by getting a job and haven’t decided on a strategy for the blog going forward.

The last item on the list is actually the truth, although it is a flimsy excuse. For those who don’t already know, I recently started working as the Communication Director for Ikon Marketing Group. We are a marketing agency that happens to work with several winery clients. Because of this new direction in my career, I have felt like I now am subject to a different set of ethics than I was as an average Joe. I don’t want to be seen as using my blog to curry favor with the wineries that I write about in an attempt to gain their business. Despite that fact, I realize that this new quandary of mine wouldn’t really prohibit me from writing some of the material that I have written in the past, but to be honest, I was a little reluctant to post several editions of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” without any other posts in between. That being said, I realize that I probably should have let everyone know what was going on.

For the time being, I will likely continue to be somewhat infrequent with my posts, but I will try to do a somewhat better job of producing more consistent content. Given my absence I’m sure that there are probably only a couple of you reading this, and for you patient few, I say “thanks.”