April 8th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


If there is one person on these here interwebz who I would want to read about their trip to Bordeaux, and that person is Mr. Hardy Wallace.  He is using the most innovative scoring system known to man while he visits the classic wine region. So far he has posted from Chateau Latour, Mouton, Chateau Ausone, and Chateau Belair Monange.  You can’t go wrong with descriptions like,

“Rating: 102.02 Earth-Wormed Flower-Girl, Train Gonna Kill ‘er!

The tension, fear, steely rails, and a wee tickle in ye pickle!


Joe Herrig writes about Napa wineries “missing the mark” with visitors to the area on his Suburban Wino blog this week. There is no doubt that Napa is a very expensive place to visit. Tasting fees are often not refundable, will set you back $20-30, and then you will be lucky if you only have to pay $30-40 for a bottle of wine. That being said, there are exceptions, and Napa is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in America. My recommendation for a Napa trip, try to cozy up to a local who can take you around. That will help you avoid the more egregious offenders, and you will likely find some unique and less well known spots to visit as well.


The Ugly this week s the chronicle of the travails of a person making their living at a retail wine store. The sad story is found on the Samantha Sans Dosage blog, and features pushy idiots, smelly Miami Vice refuges, and an ignorant Food and Wine writer. Good times.


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