March 25th – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


One of the blogs that I have to admit that I haven’t paid nearly as much attention to as I should is the Louisville Juice blog that is published by Tom Johnson. Every time I go there I read fantastic content, and yet I just haven’t surfed over as often as I should. I plan to rectify that.

This week Tom posted a couple of great connected posts about his search for a new wine villain. Both the initial post and comments, and the follow up summary of his search results are really great. I give him kudos for doing a great job of crafting a post that would elicit some great response, and for doing a great job of writing. Entertaining stuff.


As you know, Vinotology does not discriminate against other libations, so I’m devoting a little space here to a beer related post about idiotic beer inventions. I pretty much knew I was going to include this when I read the words, “If your beer tastes bad when it gets a few degrees above the freezing point, you don’t need a sleeve of foam insulation to protect it — you need to stop drinking shitty beer.” Thanks to my friend, brew and BBQ master Cary Franklin from Sograte BBQ and Brew for posting this on Facebook.


The ugly is the recent fooforah over alcohol levels and balance that resulted from a stunt by winemaker Adam Lee. I first found this item in a post on the Samantha Sans Dosage blog (which is great, btw). She references the post by Eric Asimov blog in the New York Times that lays out the details. I tend to side with those who say that the actual level of alcohol doesn’t matter if the wine is balanced. If I don’t think, “Good Lord, this has to be a 16% ABV, I don’t really care if it’s a 16% ABV.” Maybe that’s just me.


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