161999_280706511251_1995410_n I love people who see a need and work hard to fill that need. The wine industry is full of technological gaps compared to a lot of industries. It seems like the industry is just a little behind on taking advantage of the technology that is available to support their interests. My friends at the Michigan by the bottle blog have really positioned themselves as the go-to team in supporting their local wine scene, and the recent release of their IPhone app is just the latest example.

Shannon and Cortney Casey have been tirelessly covering the world of Michigan wine on their blog for quite a while now, and have been really instrumental in my awareness of Michigan wines. They have used blogging, video blogging, and Twitter tastings to spread their local wine gospel, and have now released an IPhone app that has information about every winery in the state of Michigan. There is a surprising lack of local wine apps on the market right now, and I think that this is a segment that could really be exploited to bring attention to various regions, and to help local wine enthusiasts plan tasting trips and make purchasing decisions. I expect to see a lot of wine regions beginning to fund mobile apps in the near future, and MBTB’s app could serve as a good case study for how these apps might be useful.

Shannon has graciously offered to let me give away a free download of the app to a lucky Vinotology reader. If you have any interest in Michigan wine, if you would be interested in reviewing the app with an eye toward creating a regional IPhone app for your area, or even if you are just curious, leave me a comment on this post to be entered into a random drawing for the app download key. To whoever wins the drawing, I’m sure Shannon and Cortney would appreciate that you leave a rating and review of the app after you have had a chance to try it. Also, if you are just interested in purchasing the app, you can do so here.