This week I’m going a little local for The Good. I know that this piece of news may not have much use to those of you outside of Eastern Washington, but you have to understand the plight that those of us in the Tri-Cities of Washington have found ourselves in. There is an unholy dearth of quality eating establishments for an area that contains around 200,000 people. When the best restaurant in the area might be a chain, you know that you have problems. So, it is with a joyous heart that I read that Chef Frank Magana is packing up his Picazo717 restaurant in Prosser and moving to my backyard this spring. It is a bummer for the folks in Prosser, but at least they still have Mojave by Picazo at Desert Wind Winery.


Wine Truck FireThis week I read about an unfortunate incident involving a truck full of wine burning on an Iowa interstate. Charlie Olken reported on the burning vino on his Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine. It’s always a tragedy when good wine goes to waste, oh yeah, and the loss of the truck is sad too. Fortunately, the drivers of the truck were unharmed. Olken brings up a good question in his post when he says, “…what was the refrigeration unit doing in mid-winter in Iowa? It should have been even faster asleep than the drivers.”


I’m a big believer that corporations should be responsible with their purchasing decisions, and look beyond the bottom line to see the human cost of their actions. Katie Pizzuto posted recently on the plight of Florida tomato farmer workers and the role that Trader Joe’s plays in that plight. Trader Joe’s has refused to embrace Fair Food principles, and has focused instead on keeping prices low at any cost. The human rights abuses that many laborers are subjected to is truly Ugly, and I appreciate Katie calling attention to it. Props to Whole Foods for taking the higher ground on this issue.