Well, as you can see, the switch-over to the new site design is not in place yet. I have been having some issues with getting my hosting set up, but I am ready to start back to normal posting. The new site will hopefully be up soon, but in the meantime I wanted to go ahead and get started with posting again.

When I embarked on this project to change up my site I had some grandiose plans about drastically changing the format of the site. I had some different types of posts that I had been wanting to do, and felt that they didn’t really fit within the style that I have established here. While I was working on getting the new design together I started to question the changes that I was going to be making. I have jumped into some new business endeavors, and I started to realize that the changes that I was going to make might not fit the brand that I have been building. It’s possible that somewhere down the road I might start a spinoff site for the ideas that I have, but I won’t be going there on this blog right now. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be changes, because there are going to be some pretty significant changes taking place.

The biggest change is that I am going to be officially starting to focus more on the Washington wine world. I’ll still post about other regions, but the bulk of my work will be focused on my Washington wine journey. I will be introducing some new features in the coming months that will be geared towards the Washington community. I hope that the changes will still be enjoyable for those outside of Washington, and I intend to have some specific content geared towards non-Washington readers about wines that are likely to be available in their markets.

I appreciate the support that all of you have given me over the last year or so, and I look forward to sharing this new stage of my wine writing life with you. I’m very excited about some of the content that I’m working on, and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.