I have been slacking off again in my Friday duties. Last week I took a much needed holiday break, but I also missed the week before that due to my travels around the state of Washington. Well, I am back this week, so here we go…


The Good

There have been a couple of great articles written in response to a recent survey conducted by Wark Communications. One of these great articles is on Tom Wark’s Fermentation blog, but there are great responses on both the Good Grape blog, the Louisville Juice blog, and on the 1WineDude blog. It seems like the overall take-away from this survey is that bloggers need to write the best material they can, be professional, and ignore what wine writers think of them.


The Bad

Bad behavior can be found in any industry, but there seems to be a specific kind of douche-baggery that exists in the wine industry. It goes hand-in-hand with the snobbishness that many associate with wine, and the kind of person that is described in this post by Amy Corron Power on the Another Wine Blog only serves to reinforce the opinions of the man on the street that us wine enthusiasts are a bunch of snooty ass hats. People like “Mary Jane” really know how to suck the fun out of something that should be immensely pleasurable, and they are a blight on the human race.


The Ugly

For the first time in a while, we have the same blogger making an appearance in this column. Tom Johnson has posted one of the more disturbing holiday gift ideas that I have seen in a while on his Louisville Juice blog. You have to read his post for his comments. Priceless.

This one most definitely fits into the category of “what the hell were they thinking?” Although, I have to say that this one is so weird and creepy, that I almost have the sick desire to posses it and display it proudly in my home. Think of the potential for lewd comments that this would inspire.


Look for this feature to get a facelift in the coming weeks. I have some changes coming to the blog that I am looking forward to sharing with you all.