I somehow totally forgot about this post for last weeks TGTBTU, so I decided to give it some props this week. I have gushed on this blog before about how Katie Pizzuto’s Gonzo Gastronomy blog is one of the most consistently interesting and unique blogs out there, featuring some fantastic writing and loads of attitude, but I will reiterate that here. If you aren’t regularly reading this blog, you should immediately change that and add it to your RSS reader.

HBO-Bored-to-Death-Chardonnay-solo Katie was recently sent two sample bottles of the new wine created for the HBO show, Bored to Death (a must-watch BTW), and she posted a contest on her blog that challenged readers with a desert island scenario (you are stranded on an island and can only have one {fill in the blank}…) for drinks and a television show. She would pick the winner based on her appreciation of the comments for both drink and show. The winner would then help produce a co-op post on the wine. Last week she posted the results, and behold, it was Good. I especially love the synopsis that Katie had for this Chardonnay.

Finding a chardonnay from CA that doesn’t taste like Dole pineapple juice stirred with a 2×4 is a rare cause for glee in my house, and that’s what this wine was—like he said, compliments don’t come much higher than that.


Josh Wade posted this week on the problems that growers in Washington State could be facing due to some early frost. I always hate to see reports of trouble from the vineyards, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best for all of the growers in the NW.


Steve Heimoff writes poetry…, enough said.

BTW, I’m just playing around with this one. I love Steve’s writing, and I actually think that it was a cool way to announce a day off on the blog. Still, as a poet, Steve makes a hell of a wine writer. :)