The Good this week comes to us via the Dirty South Wine blog. Hardy Wallace has a firm grasp on the needs of winos when it comes Christmas time. Screw all this noise about wine aerators, refrigerators and the newest must read book. What the wine drinking public really needs is this Indian War Club. Perfect for every occasion.

Indian War Club


One of my absolute favorite people on Twitter is Jennifer Thomson of Thomson Vineyards. She is one of those people who you always know where she stands on an issue. This week she had an amazing post that called out pretty much the entire wine industry for their approach to Millennials. Her post focused on the advent of 7-11 wine, and specifically the idea that the target market for this wine might be Millennials. One of her best points is that marketers are determined to make generalizations that don’t really hold up with this generation.

So, The Bad this week goes to all of the marketers in the wine industry who try to make sweeping generalizations about Millennials, generally without a good understanding of their target market, and who are neglecting their more stable markets in favor of courting 20 somethings. Sure, this is a huge generation that is just now coming of drinking age, but I think that marketing teams have to be careful with their approach to them, especially in the $20+ a bottle market.

I also want to award my second ever badge to Jennifer. Given the fact that Jennifer writes some of the ballsiest posts that I ever read, and that this one is a great example, I award her with the “Huevos” badge.



There is only so much that I can say about a post that features a mugshot of Nick Nolte and the words Laotian Tiger Penis Whiskey, so I will just let you read this post from Suburban Wino for yourself, and leave you with this image: