The Good

Mustache-_0004_burt-reynolds I always love seeing people within the wine community rallying around a great cause, and I have seen a few examples of that this week. This week I announced that I was going to be kicking off an effort to raise money to fight prostate cancer by becoming a part of the Movember movement. My initial decision to take the lead was brought on by a post that I read on the Wine(Explored) blog, but I have also seen a post on the blog of the Mosaic Wine Group, a wine brokerage in Austin, Texas. I also have received tweets and Facebook updates from Marshall Coffy, one of the new Napa friends that I met on my job search trip out there, saying that he was also sporting a ‘stache. I am so excited to be joining in with some wine Mo-Bros in this endeavor, and I hope that the wine community will support the work that all of these people are doing. If you would like to donate to the cause, visit my Mo Space page. So far I’m sporting an embarrassing zero dollars, which is giving me a complex. Leave a comment below if you are also participating in Movember, and feel free to leave links to any blog posts or to your own donation page.


The Bad

It looks like Major League Baseball is joining the NFL in attempting to police anything that might resemble fun. In a move that I don’t really understand at all, MLB has decided that there is a need to limit the use of Champagne in celebrations. I disagree with Dr. Vino’s take on the whole thing, but my problem with the idea really has more to do with baseball’s governing body needlessly stepping in to curtail something that has been a baseball tradition for many years. Plus, I think it just seems like a really stodgy thing to do. I will say that if a body was going to put a stop to some post-game tradition, it should be the announcement that players are going to Disney Land after winning a big game. Now that should be stopped right away.


The Ugly

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited for Hardy getting into making his own wines, and I will be right at the front of the line to get my hands on a bottle (or canteen) of this stuff, but I could have gone my entire life without seeing some of the images in this video. Seriously though, if you are sensitive when it comes to a little flash of Kraken, you might skip watching this, as The Dirty One goes all early Mel Gibson (remember when Mel used to be known for showing a little tush in movies, instead of for being a bigoted ass-hat?)