IMG_0327 So my little Movember project has gotten off to a somewhat slower start than I was hoping for. I have discovered that the possible injury to my person that my wife has threatened is apparently not enough to encourage my dear readers to donate, although I do thank the two awesome people who cared enough about my wine lovin' carcass to pry open their wallets. I'm doing the work, as you can see from the low quality picture the left.

So my predicament got me to thinking about what I was missing here, which logically made me realize that I needed a little Queen to sweeten the deal.


Then I thought that even that might not be enough, so I realized that maybe I should be offering a little something in return for the donations that I receive. Unfortunately, in my currently unemployed state, I really don't have the cash to be able to buy something for everyone who donates. Then it hit me, a contest. I could randomly give one of my donors a prize, and I know just the thing.

Wine-Trials-2011-cover-frontonly I have recently been reading The Wine Trials 2011, which many of you are probably already familiar with. I have been enjoying the book, and I feel like I can probably swing the $10 or so that it would cost to purchase a copy for the winner of this little beauty. Here are the conditions -

  • Donor must donate at least $5 to be eligible for the prize
  • Donor must leave a comment on this post saying that they have donated
  • The winning donor must supply yours truly with their mailing address

And that's it. I thought about adding a condition that the donor had to grow their own mustache for a month, but I thought that might be a little weird. 

Now, let's go raise some money to fight prostate cancer!