The Good

The Good this week is the launch of a new blog focused on white wines from the Northwest. Ryan Reichert, one of the genuine nice guys and outstanding writers in the wine blogging scene, started this new project this week. The site looks great, and I love the highly focused nature of the site. I think there is some great material to be found there, and I look forward to seeing what the new site brings. Check out Northwest Whites here.


The Bad

According to a lot of what I’m hearing, wineries around the state of Washington seem to feel that the upcoming Initiative 1100 will be bad for smaller producers. This is a really tough issue for me, because my visceral reaction is that we have to get the state out of the liquor business. It also seems like opinion is split among people who I genuinely respect. Tom Wark, Sean Sullivan, and Paul Gregutt have all spoken out on the issue, and each has a unique perspective on it. Since I won’t be registered to vote yet when this all passes, I don’t really have to make a decision, but I am very interested in the outcome, and in seeing what happens in the future.


The Ugly

Holland_Derek From time to time my mind (and as a result, this column) wanders away from the topic of wine. Last night I was subjected to the most brutal display of baseball suckitude that I have ever seen. The Twitterverse was rife with references to “Walker: Texas Ranger”, which will need no explanation to those of you who saw the game. So, although I could have chosen one of several different Ranger relief pitchers, or their manager for overthinking his bullpen moves, I am going with the man who started it all, Derek Holland. Holland’s line last night – 13 balls, 1 strike, 3 runs allowed. Brilliant.

Just to justify my inclusion of this in my WINE blog, my friend Steven Washuta (said in best MMA announcer voice) posted this World Series write-up on the Terroirist blog. All of my California friends may feel free to post taunts and flame messages in the comments below.

As a wine related bonus, I also give you this image of Butt Grape from Dirty South Wine.