The Good

There was a pleathora of great stuff this week, as always. One of the highlights of the week in my oppinion was the announcement of a new online wine sale opportunity brought to us by the geniuses at VinTank. The program is called Deals From the Vines, and is modeled somewhat after the flash sale sites, such as CinderellaWine and the like. I will have a full post coming up on this new effort next week, but I want to call attention to a great post detailing the new program by Beau Carufel on his Beau’s Barrel Room blog. You can also read about the details of the program on Paul Mabray’s blog.


The Bad

The one and only Melanie Ofenloch posted the results of a recent tasting of wines from India. Unfortunately, this was not a very possitive experience for her. Has anyone else had any experience with Indian wines? For now, I’m putting this into The Bad, but I would love to one day offset this by posting a great experience that someone had with Indian wine.


The Ugly

The Ugly for this week is the back and forth fight that has been brewing (sorry for the pun) over the Washington initiatives to privatize liquor sales in the state. I had written earlier this week about the situation, as have many other fine bloggers. One post that I would really like to point out is found on the Wine Economist blog. To the surprise of nobody who follows alcohol consumer policy, the beer, wine, and liquor lobby has come out in full force to oppose these measures, which always gets ugly.