The Good

The good this week is a couple of my favorite bloggers taking some major leaps in their careers. Joe Roberts of 1WineDude posted this week on his move to the ranks of wine blogging professionals, which brings the grand total up to one I think, unless you count Dr. Vino.

The other major leap is being taken by my good friend Josh Wade from DrinkNectar. Josh is opening up a new tasting room in Spokane, where he will host 5 different wineries in one Spokane location. This week we got a cool sneak peek into the new space.

I wish the best of luck to both Joe and Josh in their new endeavors.


The Bad

This week we are mourning the loss of a great wine blog. Tamara Belgard announced that she would be taking a hiatus from her SipwithMe blog. This is a development that is sad for us readers, but the hiatus is actually due to Tamara finding a great new job with an Oregon winery. This is something that she has been pursuing for a while now, so it’s actually good for her. But this is really all about me, so I’m calling it bad.


The Ugly

I know I’m way late to the party on this one, but I was in the middle of moving across the country as all of this Charles Smith story was fomenting. For those who missed it, Washington State Rockstar Winemaker Charles Smith is suing a host of commenters on a blog that issued a negative story on him. There is a great analysis of the situation on Another Wine Blog that really goes much deeper than the typical “does he have a case?” chatter that I have seen elsewhere. Amy Corron Power says that there might be an actual case, but I think the real question is why Smith feels it’s necessary to file the suit anyway. To me this case comes across as a rich businessman trying to bully a bunch of normal people who haven’t really done him any substantial harm, but instead just hurt his feelings. Unfortunately, this incident has the potential to cost the commenters a lot of money, even if Smith doesn’t have a case. Hard to feel much sympathy for a guy like Smith in this situation.