The Good

The good this week is a new series of reviews on restaurant wine selections from Josh Wade on his Drink Nectar website. I think this is an idea whose time has come. I would like to see others do some similar reviews on their blogs, as I think this is really valuable information for consumers. Josh really covers the bases too, as he includes information about price, selection, and presentation.


The Bad

Danny-mcbride-large The bad this week is that we have all been duped by Mr. Joe Herrig of Suburban Wino. All this time he has been hiding his real life as a big time Hollywood stunt man. Good thing we have Andrew Lazorchak (of the fabulous Wine Soiree fame) to blow the lid off of this scam. Joe, I think you owe me an introduction to Chuck Norris. BTW, I could swear that I’ve seen you doubling for Danny McBride.


The Ugly

I think many of us have one of THOSE stories. For some it’s that wine event where you inadvertently had one (or more) too many glasses and wound up embarrassing yourself in front of your fellow winos, or perhaps it was just a party where someone neglected to tell you that the yummy punch you’ve been drinking all night contained everclear. Well, Melanie O, aka the Dallas Wine Chick, has graciously shared her story of wine tasting mayhem this week. I’ve definitely seen uglier stories, but I always like to share the love on a Winos Behaving Badly story. Cheers!