You're rolling your eyes, but I'm serious.


BoxwineJudging from people's reactions to innovative wine packaging designs and marketing techniques, you could only assume that wine is a sacred object.

I find that even in my young, totally bad ass perception of life, I prejudge wine based on my moderately secret desire to be a serious wine connoisseur.

For instance, screw caps. Despite the affirmation of entire nations (e.g. New Zealand) and bastions of the faith (e.g. Jancis Robinson,) there are still plenty of skeptics, and we're still forced to post interminably long and boring tales about the avoidable horror of T.C.A.

Or, How many people have you heard renounce any bottle that features an animal on the label as practically an Iconoclastic heresy?


Wines-that-rockWhy was my first reaction to the cross-branded Wines that Rock line, "You have gotta be f*n kidding me!?"

How many of you look at a Tetra Pak and think, "There's gotta be some great juice inside of that!" Why must Black Box's marketing campaign absolutely be, "But seriously, guys. No, seriously! I mean, we're totally serious here, guys!"

Wine is protected with the most ridiculous fervor. It's as if Jesus not only turned water into wine, but he also instituted exactly how it should be presented: label, bottle, package, and branding.

Wine is a staggeringly confusing beverage choice, and the traditional media counted on that as their business model for years. But, wine bloggers have destroyed that model with the advent of new media and the web.

Yet, I don't think that we've done enough to push wine forward for the next generation, my generation.
Wine is magic. And there will always be room for the way things have been.

But let's look for the way things could be, accept it with open arms, and stop trying to pretend everything great should be circa 1862 and French.

Ironically, southern France makes most of my favorite wines.

So I ask you, mighty citizens of the wino interwebz: Do you think innovative wine packaging and branding is a good thing, or detrimental to wine as an art?

"The way of the future. The way of the future. The way of the future."


Sam-klingbergSam Klingberg writes The Broke Wino blog, and was kind enough to do this guest post. He's one of my favorite bloggers, and was recently profiled by Sacre Bleu Wine. If Sam isn't already in your RSS feed, he should be. Follow him on Twitter @brokewino.