My wife and I have been bandying about the idea of moving for some time now. As her family has gone through a diaspora over the last couple of years that has greatly increased the distance required to visit anyone on her side of the tree, we have started thinking about moving closer to some of her family. With her father living in Washington and her mom in Arizona, the West Coast seemed like the logical direction to be moving.

When we first started talking seriously about moving, we talked about possibly just locating a job that would get us out to Washington, which would definitely serve the purpose of getting us much closer to some of her family. As we continued to talk about the move, we decided that this was a great opportunity for me to take a dive into pursuing a dream that I've had for a while now, which is to work in the wine industry. We decided to keep an open mind about exactly where we would end up, leaving the door open for opportunities in other states, including possibly moving to the Austin area here in Texas (she still has a brother in Houston, so this would at least put us closer to him). At this point, the most likely options that we have considered are in Washington, Oregon, and California. We are really excited about the opportunity to pursue this dream, but we need your help.

I have created a page on this site that has information about me, and about my qualifications, as well as a copy of my resumé. I come from a marketing background, and think I would be a perfect fit for a marketing and social media position with a winery. I also have management and customer service experience, so positions that combine marketing and tasting room would also seem to be a great fit. I just need help getting the word out about what I'm trying to do, and access to some information about openings. That's where you come in. I would so much appreciate your help in passing on the word about what I'm trying to do. Whether it be by retweeting this post on Twitter, or posting a link on Facebook, anything to spread the word is helpful. I also would appreciate any information about openings that you hear about through your connections. Please email me with any information that you come across. It also never hurts to get testimonials from people, so feel free to post your recommendations in the comments here or on my Hire Me page.

Thanks so much for all of your help. I am so thankful to be a part of such a great community. I'm excited about what the future holds for my wife and I. The whole feeling of looking at the horizon and not knowing where you will be in a couple of months is a weird mixture of excitement and anxiety, but right now I'm feeling more excitement than anything. Here's to the future! Cheers!