Are you looking for a passionate wine lover with marketing and social media skills to join your organization? If so, look no further. I have spent my entire career in sales and marketing, and have extensive experience with marketing and brand building online. I have worked in several capacities on social media campaigns, both with assisting clients with development of social media strategies, and with developing my own personal brand through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and various other platforms.

What I have to offer your business

  • Excellent people skills and a desire to serve customers and develop relationships
  • Strong community and brand building skills
  • Extensive multi-platform social media experience
  • Love of all things wine, and a strong desire to be constantly learning more
  • Strategic marketing mindset
  • Management skills and experience
  • Outstanding work ethic and love for my work
  • Creativity and ability to think outside of the box
  • Extensive experience in working in various online platforms, including HTML and CSS experience

Want to learn more?

If you would like to talk with me further about possible opportunities with your business, please contact me. You can download my resumé here, which also has my contact information. I am planning on relocating somewhere in the next couple of months, and am open to moving to your state. I am especially interested in relocating to Washington State, Oregon, or California.